Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh Goon and other Uni Culture....

Let me just begin and say that everything over here is a bit pricey and I will never complain about US prices EVER again.  Alcohol is extremely more with a fifth of Smirnoff being over $40.  So, I thought that alcohol would be a once in a week thing maybe and then...they introduced us to goon.  It is boxed wine that they think is horrible so they mix it with juice, but Rachel and I drink it straight because it's really not that bad!  So, we have now found a solution for our budget!

Re-O Week is coming up this next week which is actually during their first week of classes.  Each night is a different theme like Scribbler Party, floor theme (ours is Heaven and Hell), intercollege ball (where you wear old dresses), and bad taste (where you don't match).  I'm so excited!  We went to Savers which is like a giant Goodwill and got all of our clothes for everything.  The people on my floor are amazing too!  Most are still on holiday, so far I've met Molly, Ellia, Maddie, Rowan, Alice, Ruby, Jeremy, BJ, and Marco (who is the other international student from Britain).

I absolutely love it here so far except the cold temperatures.  It's not nearly as cold as our winters, but coming from a St. Louis summer to 50's was a rough transition.  I miss you all and wish I could win the lottery to have you all come see me! :)  Love you all!

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