Friday, October 28, 2011

One Month Left...Definitely Bitter Sweet

October was about taking in the lasting memories to be made here in Australia.  I have amazing people on my floor and beautiful sights in Melbourne still yet to be explored that needed to become my priority.  The first weekend in October a group from Menzies, including myself, got all dressed up and enjoyed a day full of fun and horse races.  I bet on three of the five races and they all placed 2nd or 3rd, so out of frustration I gave up, even though I only lost $11.  The weather wasn't amazing, but the social atmosphere made it a great day.

The next weekend we had floor trip with two other floors (2N and 3N).  The thought of camping did not sound appealing to me at first but the opportunity to go down to the beach with amazing and fun people made my mind forget temporarily about the camping part.  The drive down was full of a scavenger hunt with everyone.  My car was Meg, Bron, and Liz.  Liz bought a mouse to have "wildlife" in our car (part of the scav hunt) and then we needed to give a stranger something to hold and not return for it...and there went our little mouse.  It was quite entertaining.  After the pub stop we took a few scenic beach stops including one with an amazing lighthouse.  Camping with a pollen allergy I found was not as fun as I thought it would be.  However, the night as a whole was so fun along with a nice cafe breakfast in the morning.  The next night was supposed to storm and with many of us having work to do to prepare for exams, many of us headed home.  

The next weekend was full of St. Louis weather where Saturday was cold and rainy and Sunday was beautiful.  Val and I decided to still make a fun day out of the rain with a trip to the Aquarium.  Everyone in Melbourne seemed to think it was a good idea because it was quite crowded.  The penguins had just laid eggs the week before and so it was neat to see them protecting and warming them.  As we moved through we came to the walk through aquarium.  I honestly have never seen stingrays so huge in my life, except for on Finding Nemo. These's sea creatures that we got to touch and look at were amazingly breathtaking.  The sea life here is like none I've ever seen; pictures can't even begin to do justice to the beauty.  

Sunday was Sporty Day and we could not have asked for better weather.  It was the last social event planned by the reps of the year, so it is a huge event.  Menzies won the Sporty Day Cup for the 3rd year in a row. Throughout the year each College (Glenn, Menzies, and Chishom) competed in various sports from netball, touch football, tennis, volleyball, and others and then based on all of those there is an overall point winner and that was us!  I played volleyball and actually got top votes for both games, I honestly felt so humbled and grateful.  The rest of the day was full of relaxing in the sun and amazing bands and music.  There were spas (hot tubs), inflatable jousting, and an inflatable jumping thing. Overall, it was a great day and amazing way to cap off a great semester.

This week was the last week of classes and I could not be happier.  I love Australia and the people I've met, but not too crazy about this University.  I could have definitely gotten unlucky with my courses, but I'm just glad to be going back to MSU for my last semester.  Speaking of which, I registered tonight for my last semester and its a crazy, strange thought to think that was the last time I had to wait on slow Banner to register.  I mean I have been in school continuously for 17 years and now its time to journey into the real world.  Weird.

The weather here is getting warmer since its Spring, so it's nice to enjoy days outside having lunch or just walking around.  But, reality has sunk in that in about a month I will be at home in the cold, which is basically the one of the only things I am not excited about.  I miss home like crazy and can't explain how blessed I am to have an amazing, supporting husband back home, but leaving everyone here is definitely going to be tough.

PS Hopefully next time I can write about the Cardinals coming back and winning the World Series (knock on wood) :)

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