Sunday, September 4, 2011

My weekends are about to become more amazing than EVER before...

Hello friends and family!  I know its been a while, but I promise I am about to make up for it...

So, since I have last posted I have traveled to the city a few times and went shopping more than I should have.  The one time I went downtown with Valerie and the photography club was absolutely wise and the overall experience.  No, I have not become some photography guru...I simply was the tag-a-long!  We started out at the Queen Victoria Market, which is HUGE!!  Val and I actually went early to walk around and get lunch.  I also purchased a wonderful Collingwood jumper (sweatshirt) to support the team I decided to go for.  After walking around the market taking pictures, we went on to the Victoria Library, which was absolutely beautiful inside and out.  Following that we went to the graffiti alley way.  This was a random alley where people were able to express themselves and paint what ever they want.  Taking pictures of these "hidden" locations, or at least less known about to tourists as a must see, was amazing.

My birthday was a few days ago and getting 39 hours of Facebook "Happy Birthday!"s was great.  I read through every one of them and they all made me smile and remember how blessed I was with amazing friends and family both at home and here in Australia.  I bought a special dress for the occasion a few weeks in advance to get excited about celebrating and take my mind off of school...lets be honest I love to shop and it gave me an excuse for a new outfit.  We all hung out here for a while and they surprised me with a cake and all sang to me, which was such an awesome surprise.  We then all went to Eagle Bar and had fun dancing and celebrating me turning old.  I also got a package from my mom AND flowers and a balloon from her, I truly am blessed to have such a special mom. :)  The package had cards and presents from people back home.  In the package was also Scottie Bear, which I left back home at first but now I have Scott by my side and in my arms every night. 

My time here is about to heat up like the weather...I am SOOO excited!!  Next weekend I will traveling to Perth for a weekend of camping, beaches, and fun in the sun with an Aussie friend across the hall, Liz.  The next weekend, Val and I are going on a two day trip to the Great Ocean Road and seeing all of the amazing viewpoints it has to offer.  Then, Rachel and I will be traveling the following weekend and the week to follow to Sydney for Spring Holiday.  We just booked a plane ride over Sydney Harbor to see all of the sites and beauty of Sydney.  Then, we are going on a floor trip to a city about two hours away from Melbourne and to end October we will be going to Ballarat to celebrate Toohey's 21st! So...those are my weekends in a nut shell!

Between my exciting weekends there a few papers thrown happens to be one I am supposed to be working on right now, but I have always been the Queen of Procrastination.  So, with that I will go back to working/ starting that wonderful paper, but please feel free to Skype me, write me, or Facebook chat me at anytime...I am missing you all like crazy. :(  I love you all! Xxxx

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